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Electrodermal Screening Provides Physicians With Another Tool for Testing and Diagnosis

Medical-Diagnosis-Through-Electrodermal-Screening1-300x229Arizona primary care physicians have many useful and familiar tools that can detect signs of trouble in the human body, such as blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, thermometers, X-ray machines and the like. While doctors who practice alternative medicine use all of these same devices, they also employ another piece of equipment that’s usually missing from the toolbox of conventional physicians – the electrodermal screening device.

Electrodermal screening is a method of medical testing and diagnosis that was first introduced in the 1950s. Much of the theory underlying electrodermal screening has been around much longer, however. For instance, it’s long been known that the human body produces and conducts electrical currents. In addition, many of the specific locations on the body that electrodermal screening focuses on were recognized as significant centuries ago by ancient Chinese acupuncturists.

Modern holistic doctors use electrodermal screening to detect variations in the way a patient’s body conducts electricity at various key points on the surface. This type of screening is non-invasive and does not penetrate the body in any way. As the name suggests, electrodermal screening works at the level of the skin (dermal being from the Latin word for skin).

An electrodermal screening device consists of a machine that generates small, safe amounts of electricity and that measures how the skin conducts this weak electric current. The patient holds one cylinder-shaped electrode in his or her hand while the physician touches the other electrode, which is in the form of a bluntly pointed stylus, to a series of testing points on the patient’s skin. Each time the stylus touches the patient, a complete electric circuit is formed. At each contact point tested, the electrodermal screening device measures the body’s resistance to the flow of electricity..

An alternative medicine doctor experienced in electrodermal screening can interpret the results from the machine in light of other diagnostic tests and observations as well as the patient’s medical history, symptoms reported and current vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Electrodermal screening is often used in conjunction with homeopathy and naturopathic treatments, with specific remedies or courses of treatment suggested by each individual’s unique results from the screening.

Dr. Paul Stallone, a Scottsdale naturopathic physician  with a reputation as one of the Southwest’s leading practitioners of natural medicine, can determine the best course of testing and treatment for the well-being and care of you and your family. For an appointment with Dr. Stallone, call the Arizona Integrative Medical Center today at (480) 214-3922.

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